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CT Cars have the knowledge and skill to repair all your DSG gearbox and clutch faults on your Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda.

DSG Gearbox

The operation of a DSG gearbox is essentially a manual gearbox which is electronically controlled, with hydraulics operating two clutches and the gear shift mechanism. Which allows the gear change to be done at a very rapid rate. This electronic/hydraulic controller is known as a mechatronic.

Whilst the vehicle is driving, the mechatronic unit anticipates the next gear required and then pre-selects this, When the gear changes the mechatronics unit then simply swaps over operation of the clutches and proceeds to pre-select the next gear it thinks will be required.

This predictive ability comes from such elements as the engine speed, torque, driver demand and braking etc.

CT Cars have the knowledge and skill to repair all your DSG gearbox and clutch faults on your Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda.

It is not always necessary to replace the whole gearbox with a so-called reconditioned gearbox, as an alternative repair may be a viable option. Sometimes it may just require a software update.

The Clutches

DSG Gearbox Clutch

The fast switching between gears is achieved by the double clutch. Just like with a traditional trans-mission, these couplings are subject to wear. CT Cars has the right tools, knowledge and training to replace the DSG clutches in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Both the version with dry clutch plates and wet clutch plates can be replaced by CT Cars.

Diagnosis of the clutches (including remaining lining thickness) can be performed via ODIS (The official Volkswagen diagnostic tool).

Whilst replacing the clutches, we also change the transmission oil & filter to prevent contamination of the new clutch by residual old oil.

The Mechatronics

DSG Gearbox Mechatronics

The mechatronics (mechanical valve block + electronic control unit) is the brain of the transmission.

The most common complaints related to mechatronics are the result of a defective solenoid or the failure of the pump or electric motor. A 0AM transmission, which is fitted to front-wheel drive 1.0 litre to 1.8 litre petrol vehicles and 1.4 and 1.6 litre diesel vehicles, has solenoid groups which are all replaced simultaneously with the electric motor and hydraulic pump in a standard overhaul. With other DSG variants (02E / AL500 / AL 501), the individual solenoids each have their own specific shape and construction, so that they can each be replaced individually, resulting in a reduced recovery cost.

The valve block is cleaned with every repair, and a properly functioning electronic control unit is reused. This repair method again guarantees a 100% effective transmission at a low cost.

The Gear Part

A mechanical problem in the gear part could cause electronic emergency running of the transmission

An example is that if swarf is deposited on the magnets of the different shift forks. The proper functioning of the gear position sensor is disturbed, and the mechatronics goes into emergency mode, which means that one of the two partial transmissions is switched off. In some cases, this leads to a complete failure of the transmission.

Common error messages are:

  • P0700 -> P0709: Sensor selector lever position (F125)
  • P070A -> P0714: Temperature and level sensors (G93-G510)
  • P0715 -> P0728: Speed and speed sensors (G182-G194-G195)
  • P0750 -> P07B1: Solenoids (N88-N89-N90-N91-N92-N110-N215-N216-N217-N218-N233-N371)
  • P0800 –> P081E: Clutches
  • P17D8 8040 1F68 Torque limitation because of clutch temperature
  • P0726 7980 1F2C Rev signal from engine control unit, implausible signal
  • P174B 8027 1F5B Valve 4 in gear train half 1, electric fault
  • P174F 8028 1F5C Valve 4 in gear train half 2, electric fault
  • P179C 8029 1F5D Main pressure valve, electric fault
  • P179D 8030 1F5E Oil cooling valve, electric fault
  • P174A 8939 22EB Valve 3 in gear train half 1, electric fault
  • P174E 8940 22EC Valve 3 in gear train half 2, electric fault

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