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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

At CT Cars, we are fully qualified and trained to help you keep your electric or hybrid car in the best condition and on the road. With fewer components than a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle, maintaining and servicing electric cars may be more straight forward, but things like brake fluid, Brake Pads, steering and suspension still need to be checked regularly to avoid any problems and your pollen filter will need replacing.

Electric Vehicle Servicing

Although EVs are not mechanically complicated, the use of very high voltage and complex electrical systems means that it’s best trusted to a specialist. At CT Cars, we understand why electric / hybrid vehicle servicing is so important, and we have fully qualified technicians to IMI level 4 in the diagnosis testing and repair of electric/hybrid vehicles and components.

We can carry out routine servicing, as per manufacturer’s service intervals, for all Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda models to make sure the warranty is not affected.

Electric Vehicle Fault Finding

If you own an electric / hybrid car and have a warning light on, or it won’t start or charge, we have a fully qualified specialist technicians experienced at working on all types of EVs.

Electric Vehicle Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in most electric and hybrid cars is slightly different, as it runs from a high-voltage compressor. Ordinary air conditioning oil conducts electricity, so if the correct procedures are not used, isolation faults can prevent the car from starting.

Electric Vehicle Brakes

Electric and hybrid vehicles generally use regenerative braking, where resistance from the electric motor helps slow the car. Although your electric vehicle should require fewer disc and pad changes, the braking system works harder because of the extra weight EVs have, so it’s important the braking fluid is checked and changed regularly.

Electrical / Hybrid Vehical Services

Our Qualifications

IMI Certified

IMI Certified Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

As vehicles become more environmentally friendly, technology moves in different directions, Whether you have a Golf GTE, Passat GTE, E Golf, E UP or Audi A3 and Q7 Etron Hybrid we have the knowledge and qualifications to cater to all your needs.​

IMI Certified

IMI Certified for ADAS Calibration

This certification is designed so that a technician has the ability to calibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This training meets the requirements of the Insurance Industry that specify that all ADAS calibration and repair activities are now completed by currently certified technicians.​

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