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NOX Reductant Systems

What is Adblue® and what does it do?

Adblue® is available on some diesel models of Volkswagen Seat Skoda and Audi Vehicles. Adblue® is a clear liquid which is put into a specially designed tank on your vehicle, which helps your vehicle meet EURO 6 exhaust gas regulations. Adblue® aids the reduction of nitrous oxides (NOx) by transforming them into environmentally friendly molecules Nitrogen and Water. Adblue® does not mix with your fuel (please do not put it in your fuel tank, if you have, never start the vehicle and get your vehicle recovered to your nearest trained workshop).

How will I know when my car needs a top-up?

You will be notified when a top-up is required by a message on your instrument cluster central screen. On average, a car consumes around 1.5 litres of Adblue® every 620 miles, after this the vehicle will require a top-up.

How do I top it up?

Our technicians are fully trained to handle AdBlue® and we top up with special adaptors to make sure no spillages happen.

What happens if a fault occurs?

You will be notified on your instrument cluster’s central screen, if the system develops a fault, typical messages relating to this system are, SCR Malfunction See Workshop. At this point the Adblue® system will stop working, the vehicle in some cases will fail to start.

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