What is Adblue® and what does it do?

Adblue® is available on some diesel models of Volkswagen Seat Skoda and Audi Vehicles. Adblue® is a clear liquid which is put into a specially designed tank on your vehicle, which helps your vehicle meet EURO 6 exhaust gas regulations. Adblue® aids the reduction of nitrous oxides ( NOx ) by transforming them into environmentally friendly molecules Nitrogen and Water. Adblue® does not mix with your fuel ( Please do not put it in your fuel tank, if you have, never start the vehicle and get your vehicle recovered to your nearest trained workshop).

How will I know when my car needs a top up?
You will be notified when a top up is required by a message on your instrument cluster central screen. On average, a car consumes around 1.5 litres of Adblue® every 620 miles, after this the vehicle will require a top-up.

How do I top it up?
Our technicians are fully trained to handle AdBlue® and we top up with special adaptors to make sure no spillages happen.

What happens if a fault occurs?
You will be notified on your instrument cluster’s central screen, if the system develops a fault, typical messages relating to this system are, SCR Malfunction See Workshop. At this point the Adblue® system will stop working, the vehicle in some cases will fail to start.