Our commitment to you

Everyone here at CT Cars will ensure you receive the best possible service and that all work is completed to the highest standards.

Should you experience any further problems after the repair we will of course book your vehicle back in to our workshop as soon as possible.

Help is here

Please remember CT Cars after your visit and come back to us next time your service is due or if you have any faults that require our expert car maintenance services.

If you are planning to do some longer trips than usual, abroad perhaps on holiday or doing higher than usual business mileage, please do get in touch and we can give you a vehicle check to make sure it is in tip top condition.

Happy Customers

It’s always nice to get feedback from satisfied customers as it encourages and motivates us to keep up the good work. Take a look here at some of the kind comments and messages of thanks that we have received from our customers.

Has your vehicle had a Performance Tune? Also known as chip tuning or Remapping

Performance engine tuning software is custom written for each specific vehicle achieving incredible results. Performance remaps can improve your vehicles power and torque by up to 40%, which will give your vehicle better acceleration and sharper throttle response. The result is that you get a smoother and more exciting drive and improved safety when overtaking.
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