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The Importance Of Car Diagnostics


An illuminated warning light or fault code on the mileage display is enough to send a shiver down the spine of any driver, especially if you’re not entirely sure what the exact dashboard light actually means. Thankfully, full car diagnostics can help get your vehicle back on the road to success.

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Doesn’t the computer tell you what’s wrong?

Arguably, the biggest misconception about any warning light, be it an engine light, ABS, Power Steering or Gearbox warning light, is that many people assume the fault code provides a quick answer on what is wrong with the vehicle and which car parts might need replacing. It’s unfortunately not that simple.

There are hundreds of small individual mechanical and electrical parts within your car and only a handful of dashboard lights, which can indicate thousands of fault codes. The fault code could relate to a plethora of issues. Without the correct equipment and knowledge, trying to fix the problem can cause major headaches.

Car diagnostics to the rescue

Professional diagnostics conducted by a team of passionate technicians is an essential first step in any successful vehicle repair strategy. It is a process that allows us the experts to fully inspect the car (using the fault code or dashboard light for guidance) to gain a clear understanding of what repair jobs may be required.

Thanks to modern technology and having the dealer diagnostic equipment, it may be a quick and painless process too. To complete the process, our experts will:

  • Wirelessly connect our onboard diagnostics (OBD) equipment to the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU), which uses a network of sensors to monitor a range of issues with the engine, ignition, and other key attributes.
  • By working from the fault code on the OBD as well as live data, we can work out exactly what the problem is with the vehicle – whether it’s a simple issue like low fluid levels, high engine temperatures, wiring fault or something else.
  • After completing the necessary test plans and repair service, we can then check the vehicle to confirm that the issue has been fixed and that the car has successfully been restored to full health.

Even with the fault codes provided by your dashboard and the OBD equipment, an untrained person would struggle to know the exact problem. Thankfully, our trained experts boast vast experience in working with your Audi, VW, Seat or Skoda, and having ODIS the dealer diagnostic tool allows us also check for Technical Bulletins via the factory in Germany and also carry out many other procedures including software updates.

Ultimately, car diagnostics provide a quicker solution that utilises the benefits of advanced automotive tech to identify the source of your car problems without the need for long-winded inspections by eye, which would likely involve overseeing a number of car parts that are in perfectly fine health

When to book a car diagnostics

Car diagnostics can be used on any vehicle that features an ECU. If the check engine light is lit, you must visit a technician ASAP before the trouble escalates and compromises your safety behind the wheel or leads to a hugely expensive repair job.

Other fault codes may not require an instant repair, but you should still check in with a diagnostics team when a convenient time arrives. Diagnostics will ultimately save you time and money by identifying the necessary repairs. If nothing else, it’ll put your mind at ease.

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