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Benefits of remapping your car


Is car chipping a good idea for your vehicle, and what benefits could it bring for your life behind the wheel? Find out with help from CT Cars.

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to retune your car for improved performance, remapping is one of the best options.

But what exactly is car remapping, and what are the pros and cons of this vehicle upgrade? Our experts at CT Cars are here to tell you all there is to know.

Car remapping: what is it?

Car remapping, also known as chipping, is an upgrade that focuses on improving the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) by removing some of the restrictions that were put in place by the manufacturer.

Regardless of what car model you have, the manufacturer will not set the ECU to operate at its full potential. This is so that they can find the right balance between power, performance, reliability, and fuel economy.

To complete a car chipping process, new software is installed to the ECU and then adjusted so that the car can be optimised in line with the personal requirements of the driver. An expert can complete the process in a day.

5 benefits of remapping your car

Car chipping can be used on petrol or diesel engines. Before you agree to the upgrade, though, it’s vital that you think about the pros and cons. The main downsides are that new cars could see their warranties become compromised, while insurance premiums may rise slightly too.

Nevertheless, the benefits of car remapping will outweigh those issues for most. Five key features are listed below;

It doesn’t have to be permanent

First and foremost, engine mapping is a task that can normally be reversed by installing the old ECU software. In truth, only a small percentage of drivers will want to reverse the chipping process anyway. Still, it’s something to consider when preparing your car to sell.

If nothing else, the reversibility should remove any anxiety you have experienced.

It’s affordable

Compared to most car upgrades, chipping is very affordable and accessible. The prices do vary depending on the type of vehicle and the ECU software involved. Generally speaking, a remapping service should only cost somewhere in the region of £200-£400.

Better still, you do not need to make physical changes to any car parts.

It is time-efficient

In addition to being a cost-effective car upgrade, it is also time-effective. In fact, it could be completed alongside your full car service without delaying the return of your car. Again, the fact that you won’t be waiting on new parts can yield great results.

The ECU software upgrade is one of the quickest ways to achieve a big upgrade.

It can be adjusted to your needs

Whether it’s a diesel or petrol car, many drivers look to adjust their ECU for optimal fuel economy. However, it is equally convenient to change the vehicle’s performance so that it can focus solely on power.

Whether you have a clear idea or want to speak about your options, great results can follow.,

It creates a smoother drive

As well as improving your fuel economy or power, you can find that remapping aids the car’s performance. Enhanced throttle and engine responses will give you an added sense of control. Meanwhile, the added power can improve driveability when towing a trailer.

If it improves your time behind the wheel, it has to be a worthwhile upgrade.

Is car mapping legal?

Car mapping may seem like a potentially controversial upgrade, but it is completely legal. Having said that, it needs to be done correctly or else your car’s ECU could cause major problems. Thankfully, our experts can get your car purring in no time.

To find out more or book your vehicle in for a mapping service, call CT Cars at 01483 285792 today!

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